"They say the story of your twin soul is etched in your psyche. Its details, written before time takes effect, are inscribed in your spiritual DNA. There will be no conscious memory of it, but, subconsciously, the knowing is strong."

I've shared this quote before. It is included in the upcoming third installment of my Betsey book series. I can't tell you how much writing and then sharing these books has meant to me. They are not How To books, but through them, others were inspired and my own twin soul union became more grounded.

At first, finding the right words—getting Book I going—was a challenge. Finally, though, with attention and awareness, the words began to flow. As described in Betsey's RetreatI meditated and then let that energy carry me to wherever it wanted to go.

Eventually, it became clear to me that it wasn't just "conscious me" involved in the process. Coming out on paper were facts I never could have remembered or consciously known.

Writing out an experience in a novel or short story creates more than just literary material. It brings together the pieces of your life that previously felt missing. 

The act itself is one of remembrance and healing and it feels manifestational because your story already exists. Unbelievable as it may seem, every moment of it was laid out for you at birth. You don't have to script it. Putting it in words is simply awakening yourself into what is.

Have you ever felt as if you were seeing glimpses of something?

Every detail—whether you are consciously living it or not—is available to you. It may come in snippets during dreams, meditative activities, or while washing dishes or doing any other quiet, ordinary task. After each and every instance, write the snippet down. These snippets are starting points to your writing and important facts of your story. A good story is built not just on facts, but on the right facts—information that sheds light on the truth. 

Blessings and love,


Mary Dunlop's latest book, 'Betsey's Retreat: The Power of Twin Soul Love Book II,' is available at Amazon.com and all Amazon online stores.

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