Mary can now help you with your book, too, or your story or article. She is providing these services specifically for spiritual authors interested in self-publishing, or spiritual writers who wish to polish their manuscripts before submitting to a press. Instead of charging by the hour, or per word, like many freelance editors, Mary is offering the following editorial and consulting services at flat rates. Discounts and sliding scales are also available.

Developmental Editing – In a developmental editing process Mary will look for critical problems in the manuscript. She will bring your attention to issues with character development, setting, plot (if necessary) and dialogue. She will comment directly on your manuscript via Microsoft Word to show you what you need to work on. You will also be provided with a letter called an editorial review that will go into more detail concerning any problems your manuscript might have. Within a four week period you will receive your manuscript, containing editorial comments and suggestions, along with the editorial review.
Manuscripts from 0 – 20,000 words:
Developmental Editing: $350
Manuscripts from 20,000 – 60,000 words:
Developmental Editing: $600

Copyediting – In a copyediting process Mary will look at style and consistency and will correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Using Microsoft Word, she will indicate all proposed changes in your digital manuscript, which you will receive within a four week period.
Manuscripts from 0 – 20,000 words:
Copyediting $300
Manuscripts from 20,000 – 60,000 words:
Copyediting: $500

Self-Publishing Consulting
Covering areas from choosing the best self-publishing company
to building your audience and selling your book online...
$60 / session

Forward Review - Objective review of your book which—with your permission—will be published on the popular Facebook Page: Twin Flame Reunion (currently over 34,000 members). You will also be able to use this review on your book jacket and in your own marketing efforts. 
Delivery 4-6 weeks, following digital manuscript submission.
Please note that Mary cannot write a forward review for a book she has edited. 

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Mary; see Contact Us for details.

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