From a young age, as far back as she can remember, Mary Dunlop has been a student of spirituality and metaphysics. She has studied and explored many spiritual paths, including Zen Buddhism. Mary is a self-described Metaphysical Christian. She incorporates the principles of meditation and yoga in everything she does.

In October 2014, Mary released the best-selling book The Power of Twin Soul Love. Depicting her own spiritual experiences against the backdrop of a fictionalized story, she emerged a successful writer of metaphysics, twin souls, and energy. Mary examines the concepts of how spiritual energy works and that all we have to do to live the best possible version of life is to follow the energy's flow. Her works speak of the love that exists for every human soul.

Mary has also written spiritual articles for Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal.

Her latest book, Betsey's Retreat: The Power of Twin Soul Love Book II, is available at Amazon.com and all Amazon online stores.

mary dunlop