By O. Schiff (Source: Re: The Power of Twin Soul Love (Book I)

"Never have I seen the theory of soulmates explained so clearly. Kudos to the writer for relating this enigmatic concept to psychology and not just mythology:
//John then mentioned what Carl Jung wrote in The Development of Personality. In his book, Dr. Jung stated that every man carries within him the eternal image of woman, not the image of this or that particular woman, but a definite feminine image. My brother went on to say that the dream lover is an image that never really goes away, "or, at east, not too far away…
"What I mean," he said, "is that this image often remains in our subconscious, the unconscious mind, which is why we don't normally connect our attractions to it. All our attractions, to varying degrees, give us the opportunity to see different aspects of ourselves in other people, but it is through our most powerful pulls that we get glimpses of our eternal image-of that very intimate part of ourselves. In other words, your dream lover-your eternal image-is really a part of you. You can recognize it in another person. It's what makes another compatible to you. However, the foundation of that image-its root-is in your psyche." //