From "Healing the Inner Feminine: Bringing Sacred Union to Life"

“Looking inside ourselves, we discover a whole new world, made up of the same life-force—the same light and dark energy—as the cosmos...

It was in the light and dark energy of my sensuality that I found the key. Like many things in nature, our sensuality—also sometimes referred to as our twin flame energy—has a light and dark side.

Dark refers to polarities. In other words, “dark” in sensual energy does not necessarily represent an aspect in need of healing. Dark can also be known as the primal quality of our sensuality, symbolizing part of our inner masculine, while “light” denotes our inner feminine. In other words, dark sensual energy is the kinkier side of our sensuality. It is the part of us that wants to dominate and explore different roles. It has been said, as well, that our dark sensual energy—our primordial ocean of the wild—may account for the development of certain fetishes.

Instinctive to all of us, archetypes depict both the dark and light parts of our energetic makeup. Archetypes are inner masculine and inner feminine resources that can be called upon to protect and inspire us on our path to completeness. Here we no longer refer only to sensuality, but to our wholeness—our entire energetic design.

Our archetypes allow us to express various behaviors and personality traits, which—for the evolution of our soul—need to surface from the ashes of our unconscious. Depending on our awareness of these archetypes, they can either lead to chaotic and confusing behaviors or they can help us realize our wholeness by offering us opportunity for growth.

If an energetic aspect or archetype is repressed, if a woman, for example, represses a part—especially a sensual part—of her inner feminine energy, she not only runs the risk of projecting it onto others (i.e.: mistakenly seeing it in another); but she may also be in danger of losing touch with her femininity.”

mary dunlop