From "Betsey's Retreat: The Power Of Twin Soul Love Book II"

"The moment I walked through the door of the maroon wooden building, I saw him sitting in the front row between two other participants. His posture was impeccable that night. Normally, his slender back hunched slightly; something he attributed to years spent slouching over a keyboard. By the end of most days, his neck and shoulders ached, and he’d beg me to massage him. Hmm…did I say beg? That wasn’t true. He never had to beg. In fact, just thinking about it made me swoon. The massage would quickly and naturally turn into a sensual experience for both of us. Sensitive to my touch, affected by every stroke, he’d moan—sometimes gently, other times profoundly—while moving with the flow of my hands. Where had I learned to incite such arousal in a man that would lead him to surrender so completely?"