From "Betsey's Retreat: The Power Of Twin Soul Love Book II"

"When you meditate, you venture into the unconscious mind like you do when you are dreaming. Nighttime dreams and daydreams are produced by the dimension of the subconscious—the part of the mind where some believe the soul resides. Christian mystic Edgar Cayce—a Kentucky farmer's son who was empowered with miraculous abilities stemming from the hidden parts of his mind—considered the subconscious to be the “brain of the soul,” which can be accessed when sleeping or awake. The difference is that, in the typical sleep-time dream state, what we see is often confusing; in meditation, the messages we receive are usually very clear. In meditation, our sixth sense—our ability to perceive what exists beyond the range of our conventional five senses—becomes more active. It’s been said that God sees everything from all angles, because He exists outside our space and time. We—on the other hand—perceive through our limiting five senses. However, we also have that sixth sense which enables us to conceive of things we cannot otherwise perceive.

Our sixth sense offers us the ability to see the invisible and touch the intangible. Eventually, our sixth sense heightens our extrasensory perception, revealing another reality that makes our world beautiful and allows us to find what we seek..."