From "The Power of Twin Soul Love (Book I)"

""And when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself[...]the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment."
My grandmother was a great believer in divine connection. She had called this the purest and most authentic form of love—God’s love, sewn in our soul—and her concept of it was exactly like that of the great philosopher Plato.
My grandmother, also like Plato, would refer to a soul mate as a twin. “We all have one,” she’d say, “whether we realize it or not.” She was a sage, my grandmother—an impassioned mystic who had me convinced in my early years that my twin kissed my soul right before I was born. Apparently, I had been born smiling, and my grandmother took this to mean that he would find me one day, that we had made a promise, and that the two of us would live happily ever after.
“Where is he, Nana?” I asked when I was almost ten years old. My brother, Johnny, who was a year younger than I, was also with us.
“You will meet him when you’re ready—when your heart is ready,” she assured me. For the longest time, that night remained the happiest of my life. 
We sat outside on our porch in southern Alberta, dreaming and watching the wind flow freely through the grass. That’s how you can see the wind, I thought. You can see it in trees and water. And you can see it in the way it makes grass look like silk. My brother gently rocked in an old wooden chair that had probably come with the porch. He also wanted to know about his twin, and, with bright blue eyes peering through black lensless specs, he eagerly waited for Nana to inform him. Johnny thought the dark frames made him look like a writer, which was something he always wanted to be. He had an avid imagination, and our grandmother knew this well. “Don’t worry,” she said. “True love will find you, too. And with it will come great peace.” She then put one arm around his shoulder and extended the other toward the sky. “Look there,” she whispered. “Look at that, and I'm not just talking about the stars. Even more important are the infinite spaces in between the stars. These are the spaces God fills. Not everything can be seen. Yet, it is there. Never doubt it, and if ever you do, go outside, take a long deep breath, gaze at the stars, and then look at the spaces. Look in between. Miracles dwell in the unseen.”
My grandmother, who again, like Plato, was Greek, spoke English with a hint of an accent that made her sound all the more magical, as she slowly transported us through a story of dreams. Her words were a love song written especially for us. She believed in the magic of love, and with all her heart, she wished it for my brother and me. “They are with you even now, she said. “Again, even if you can’t see them, know that their love is with you all the time.”
I will never forget that feeling of excitement, sheer anticipation of knowing the one—my one—was somewhere in the world. My grandmother went on to tell me that my soul twin and I were very much alike. “I see him with big round eyes and an even bigger heart.” She also said that the more we loved ourselves, the more our twins would be touched by this love. “Loving yourselves, my darlings, is the same as loving them.
“Soul twins are a gift we all receive. We don't all physically meet them. Still, they are with us, and they feel us. This is why it is twice as important to be kind to yourselves and to love yourselves no matter what. So much depends upon loving yourselves, because if you don’t or if you do something to hurt yourselves, your twins will feel this somehow, wherever they are, and that precious little soul,” she said (now speaking specifically to me) “who is just as beautiful as you, may not be quite as strong and could get very hurt.”
“Nana!” I almost cried at the thought of my soul twin hurting. It was the strangest thing.
“You feel him.” She smiled. She then paused and asked us to make her a promise. “My darlings,” she said, “no matter what challenges you might face, because as beautiful as it is, life has its share of tests, promise me you will never lose faith in God, in love, or in yourselves.” We both happily agreed, and Nana sealed it with a kiss—one for each of us on the forehead."