So many messages I receive, especially recently, begin with the phrase, “I am a twin flame.” 

The “twin flame” label is adopted and affixed like a badge of honour.

This of course often comes after we meet somebody in person, or online, and then research our feelings about that person, again online...

Inevitably, throughout the course of our cyber searching, we run into info describing the twin flame phenomenon and oftentimes, that’s where the damage to our connection with our perceived twin flame is done. If we are inclined to suspect that the one with whom we desperately want to share energy is not as into us as we are to them, we pick up anything we read from no matter how non-credible a source and spin it in our heads as the word of God. Now, it is human to seek reassurance, which is why this happens more and more. However, what also happens is a build up of expectation.

In reading, and in many cases rereading, some of this information, we come to expect certain outcomes and spread their burden onto our perceived twin flame partner, who may not be the right one for us right now. Possibly, our energies do not yet align...

Another person’s energy, which is something completely unique to them, is not something we can invade or take control of. Their energy, no matter how close a match to ours, is theirs and theirs alone. Aligning our own energy to our personal authenticity might, in some cases, affect their energetic makeup in some way, but that’s as far as it can go.

That being said, it is important to remember that the twin flame energy is one we all carry. It is a part of everyone’s psyche. It may be underdeveloped in some. However, it is still very much there and should not be used as a tool for separating oneself from others. We are all a twin flame to someone. Hence, that phrase, “I am a twin flame,” applies to every soul on this planet and beyond. 

At the same time, it is erroneous to believe that experiencing our twin flame energy—feeling the “I am a twin flame”—depends on meeting another person. Classically, our twin flame is the other half of our soul, the expression of our spirit that exists in the higher realms and protects and guides us from above. This same belief birthed the expression “mirror,” which is something else that causes some of us confusion.

For those of us who are seasoned in meditation and grounded in our spirituality, meeting our twin flame energy is about bringing it up within ourselves and then consciously connecting with our “partner soul” in the spirit realm. This of course does not mean we will not eventually share and additionally ground this energy through physical union with a soul mate or physical twin flame. We will do if we choose, but most likely it will be a choice that won’t at all happen the way we think or read about online. 😉

Blessings and love, 


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