From the minute we are born we crave connection. Physically and emotionally our need for it comes the moment our cord is cut.

Connection, whether it be for a second or a lifetime, is a quality of our soul that stays active in both life and death.

Generally speaking, in spirituality, we believe everything is energy and that human beings are souls journeying through life in their bodies. That has always resonated with me. However, I have also held tight to my Celtic beliefs that say the body is contained within the soul.

In Celtic spirituality, we believe everything has a soul. The trees, the mountains, the birds, and the Earth herself.

Our soul pulls us to the wild and to the mysterious, often drawing us to the times when the veil is thin.

When we are less attached to our ego and more so to our soul, it also draws us into connection with other human beings. Getting in touch with our soul, becoming our true self, allows us to connect with others authentically.

Have you ever felt lost? We all have. In fact, feeling lost is part of our journey. It is our journey’s way of inspiring us to go into ourselves and explore the aspects of our soul that vibrate at a purer, more loving frequency.

It is at these times, as well, that we can ignite a valid soul connection. Through spiritual ritual or practice we can magnatize a resonating soul to join us in our journey and help us activate those soul aspects more fully. Real soul connections take us to our deeper chambers of emotion and a realm—a mystical realm—that can only be entered through these purer soul qualities.

What do I mean by these purer soul qualities? Let’s say that even if the one who reaches us is not always physically present, their pure, loving vibes—purer, more loving soul aspects—will echo in ours. We will feel connected to them on an energetic level. They may not be, or always be, part of our physical world, but we will often feel the etheric tie that links us on the cosmic plane. Whether they be physical bodies in our immediate world or energetic love in spirit, being linked to them will keep us in touch with the peaceful energy they infuse into our life.

In a true soul connection, there is never an obsession or constant need to be in touch. There is no insecurity because the link has been felt at the higher realms.

At the same time, when experiencing a real soul connection, we are not as concerned with the nature of the relationship. Labels do not apply. There is no overwhelming urge to turn it into something that it’s not. We simply follow its flow and allow it to unfold as it is meant to. In other words, we won’t find ourselves daydreaming or fantasizing about it. Quite the opposite. A true soul connection brings us back to the present moment and inspires us to appreciate the beauty in everything we have.

In the three-d world, a real soul connection can last a lifetime or be as brief as a nod or a smile to a stranger on the street. Also, it is not always about people. Some of us, at times, may feel more connected to nature, to animals, than to other people. Or, we may want to feel more connected to everything. Remember, everything has a soul, and every true connection offers love and transformation.

Blessings and love,


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