Early in the journey, you might be led to believe that something about you needs to be changed or that somehow you need to improve. SPOILER ALERT: Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the more you try to change a self-perceived flaw or behavior that you do not yet fully understand, the further you will stray from your goal.

As many of us have already come to know, the journey does not implore us to change. Rather, it challenges us to accept ourselves fully, attain an inner state of balance, and give up the fantasy of thinking that another person can save us or that we are not already whole on our own.

The twin flame journey might not always offer us a physical or lasting romantic partnership with whom we first perceive to be our true twin flame. However, it does entice us to delve into ourselves and discover our own whole being. Somewhere between periods of anguish and pain, we begin to feel our wholeness through spontaneous moments of peace--a peace that was previously inconceivable.

We feel a peace that carries a promise;

a peace leading up to something wonderful;

a peace so comforting, so protective, so healthy and reassuring; it encourages us to let go of labels, doctrines, and drama. 

Slowly we leave that old stuff behind, and walk on fresh new soil, taking healthier turns along the way. By consciously recognizing and avoiding past, painful routes—past painful behaviours—we head to where we need to go. We are on track now, possibly for the first time in our lives, because finally we have found the true definition of ourselves.

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