A perceived twin flame partner seeming unavailable, non-committal, or aloof, is a clear sign from the universe to let go energetically--meaning your thoughts--and inject more of your energy and focus into yourself.

This doesn't mean that you need to close your heart. It simply indicates a need for you to concentrate more on being who you really are.

Mystics say the twin flame shouldn't be your life goal, and it should never be the sole focus of your daily life. Yes, it is awesome. Finding the one you connect to on a level that only a twin flame can know is a very beautiful thing. However, as far as the universe works, focusing on yourself is more important because, ultimately, you are the key to your relationships and your life...

Before someone else can truly love you for who you are, you need to know who you are and to love yourself. Again, it is the universe's natural law. The more you understand yourself and how to love yourself, the better you will be at allowing the other to "see" and understand you, while at the same time allowing yourself to healthily love and understand the other person. When you are comfortable with yourself, you are uninhibited and able to give love freely. You are not concerned about whether what you're offering is good enough or if you're good enough, because you already know it--you already know that you are.

Celebrating the year of the sacred self.

Blessings and love,


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