Years ago, I was unhappy. I thought I’d not yet reached the right place in life. There were things I thought I wanted, that I knew I could attain, yet they proved elusive. Something would keep getting in the way—as if the universe didn’t want me to have that which I had yearned for with a fury.

It took some time and a whole lot of pain for me to realize that the universe knew what it was doing. What I wanted wasn’t right for me. Initially, I was not spiritually mature enough to know why or to see that with every missed opportunity came a calling—an invitation to walk in a direction that would honour my soul and help me become the best possible version of me.

Admittedly, it was a slow process, but, eventually, I began to appreciate the gifts of not getting what I thought I had to have. I also ultimately realized that not everything that hurt indicated a need for healing. A lot of the time, it was about feeling my soul—its vibration and its needs.

If a painful instance is not conducive to healing, it promotes growth. Discerning what is not acceptable to your soul—understanding and then letting go of what dishonours it—is the first step to knowing who you are and becoming who you are truly meant to be.

More and more I understood that wherever I was within myself and in my life was exactly where I needed to be.

While the heart weeps for what it cannot have, the spirit dances.

Blessings and love,


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