With the Divine Feminine archetype, Aphrodite, reinforcing the message of sacredness in our bodies during the year of the sacred self, we are led to release beliefs, thoughts, and patterns, that no longer serve us. In turn, we are brought to a deeper understanding of our worthiness and how that reflects on sacred partnerships.

What does this mean, exactly?

Perhaps, in the past, a partner—a perceived sacred partner or twin soul connection—made us feel awkward, nervous, uncomfortable, or hesitant to communicate with them freely. As confusing as this may have been, we now realize it was our intuition saying, “He (or she) is not for you.” Our intuition speaks to us through feelings and sensations; the more familiar and comfortable the feeling, the stronger the likelihood of something or someone being a full vibrational match.

If we were used to a partner running from us, being non-committal, or committed to someone else, we now know that a true sacred partner will be with us all the way. A true sacred partner is clear in their commitment. They won’t make us feel insecure or second best, and we won’t accept it if they do.

If love felt unrequited—we were interested in them more than they were into us—we now understand that we are worthy of, and will attract, someone who “sees” us fully, loves us equally, and honours our soul as much as we honour their’s.

Blessings and love,


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