These days we are hearing a lot about cults, past and present. From Netflix's popular exposé on the Rajneesh to the terrifyingly, almost unbelievable story of Nxivm, we're reminded of how dangerous it is to give away our power while following something or someone blindly. 

In my early days of teaching, I noticed these same dangers in beliefs about twin flames. Every now and then, I encountered journeyers who clung onto ways-of-thinking that proved detrimental to their lives. Though these fellow journeyers did not live in compounds, they were in a sense trapped in cult-like mindsets. Emotionally they felt powerless. Some couldn't function at their jobs. Others weren't present for their families. 

What these fellow travelers all had in common was that they were besotted by another person--a presumed twin flame--and then encapsulated by erroneous information. As can happen in presumed twin flame instances, where energies don't align, the presumed twin flames distanced themselves and the besotted partners began looking for comfort and validation in online groups, resources, and psychics.

"I had not heard of twin flame relationships until about a year ago, even though I have deeply been in spiritual awakening ‘circles’ for many years. It just didn’t cross my path of awareness until then. In many ways, I am glad that I didn’t know of it or what it offers before, as parts of me would have grabbed at it with previous partners before Raphael and I came together nine years ago. Part of me would have made every man I was in relationship with who shared soul frequencies with me or karmic binds or hot body talk or ALL of it into THE twin flame and I feel that much personal suffering would have resulted in believing that..." -- Jelelle Awen 

It is so easy to get stuck...

Bit by bit, through a combination of powerful feelings and dangerous theories, these dear fellow travelers made their presumed--and often estranged--twin flames the center of their lives. In the process, they grabbed and held on to what they wanted to hear, even if it seemed unbelievable or untrue. Slowly they formed mindsets built by brokenhearted wishes and, like real-life cults, these mindsets imprisoned them. Their journeys weren't about love anymore. Rather, they transformed into obsession and possession and, in some cases, mental and emotional victimization.

Truth is, a belief should feel right. If something doesn't feel right to you or seems unbelievable or fabricated, forget about how much you want it to be true or how dearly you wish to believe it; most likely, it is completely false. 

If a certain belief preaches exclusivity, spiritual superiority, inequality, or a "my way or the highway" type of attitude, it is best to move on, because it's not going to serve you for too long.

If a particular mindset separates you from yourself and the things and people you love, know that it is putting you in the wrong inner place.

If a belief is ego-idealistic--i.e.: all twin flame partners resemble each other or look a certain way-- know that, in most cases, it is off.

If a mindset has you stuck in an unhealthy place, relationship, or connection, it is time to let go and shift your focus to yourself.

If you subscribe to a belief, you must question it fully: Does it enhance your spirit? Or, does it drain it? Does it empower you? Or, does it take your power away?

Never give your power away to anything or anyone. Always remember, you and God alone are your true and only lights of magic.

Blessings and love,

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