Our inner home is a place of safety, comfort, and nourishment. It is a place of familiarity, creativity, and peace. It is a place of kindness and compassion—where our human self meets our divinity and where all that we feel is our own. 

This home is a shelter of love and a lighthouse to the warm vibrations that surround us. 

From our inner home, we attract what we need and what we want; it allows us to emit the right frequency by sending out soul signed vibrations that, in turn, invite likened energy matches.

The ideas, concepts, sounds, shapes, and images we create from our mind are outward expressions of our inner home. As children we dream from there; we go there all the time. In adulthood, though, we lose touch, and, like a summer house in winter, our inner home gets boarded up.

As we go on about our lives, leaving our warm home behind, many of us get caught up in stresses and dramas that bring about confusion, unhealthy attachment, mistaken love, jealousy, obsession, and more. We feel lost. We don't know what is true and what's not. We turn to friends, relatives, psychics or gurus to guide us and eventually get even further away from ourselves...

Happily, however, we can go home again. Returning to our sacred inner space, communicating with the Universal energy, praying, meditating, nurturing our relationship with our inner environment, and delighting in the splendor of its joy, heals us. It makes us whole. Slowly we remember who we are and we find the clarity we seek.

Blessings and love,


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