Upon meeting your Twin Soul for the first time you will feel a shift in the core of your being because you are meeting yourself. It is the most beautiful, sacred and divine love that goes way beyond the physical.

The sense of amazement and wonderment you see in their eyes speaks straight to your heart and soul, but you are not attracted to the physicality of their being. It is so much more, yes, so much more than you can ever imagine. You are in love with the “inside” of them, their very soul (but you don’t know that right away either).  Yes, their soul, their essence—that stops you in your tracks as your energies merge and blend.

All of this was going on inside of me during the two short years Sam and I worked together. It felt magical. We were naturally drawn to one another—even if I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was about him that had me in awe, or what the light was that I saw in his eyes.

In April of the third year of knowing each other we decided to date. I was in a previous relationship during the first two years, but when that abruptly ended, Sam and I were free to explore this new love. I knew he would be the man I would marry. However, it was not meant to happen that way. The following day he unexpectedly died of a massive heart attack, which sent me into life-transforming grief and threw me into a spiritual awakening. I could not make sense of such raw deep pain for someone I had only officially dated for one day. It was my quest to discover who this man was... 

Eventually, it was revealed to me—not only who he was but who we “really” are, as well.  I now know to feel separated from your twin is when the pain and transformation begins. I also now know we are never separate not even for a second. Even though he is in spirit and I am in the physical, our relationship continues today with much deeper love than we experienced while he was on the physical plane.

Excerpt from “The Day Before: Eternal Bonds into the Afterlife

"I now realize the amount of time I’d known Sam had nothing to do with my grief, rather it was the connection we’d had. The connection was at the ‘soul level.’ The connection was very profound and very deep, and I was blessed to continue our bond even after his physical departure.
I also understand that when I looked into his eyes during our first meeting, it was ‘recognition.’ My soul recognized his and the look I always saw in his eyes was the love he had always had for me, because obviously his soul recognized mine too. We really were keeping the best secret ever. Whether I was remembering at the soul level the last life where I’d hidden him, or I was remembering that the moon had watched us kiss many times during many lifetimes. Didn’t matter…the secret had been revealed to me.
Sam was the other half of my soul.”

~ Sheila Jenkins – Author of “The Day Before Eternal Bonds into the Afterlife
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Sheila Jenkins is the author of the #1 Amazon best seller “The Day Before: Eternal Bonds into the Afterlife. Her second book, titled “Infinite Love: 50 Twin Soul Love Quotes,” was released in December of 2017. Sheila is also a contributing author to 365 Book Series by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. In addition to her passion for writing, she is certified in Reiki level 2, and hopes to one day help others process their grief. Sheila enjoys reading, photography and spending time with her family. She is the mother of two daughters and five grandchildren.

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