They say the story of your twin soul is etched in your psyche. Its details, written before time takes effect, are inscribed in your spiritual DNA. There will be no conscious memory of it, but, subconsciously, the knowing is strong.

"They" say a lot of things. Much myth surrounds the concept of twin souls, but there is also a lot of fact.

I have learned that you don’t always have to worry about what’s true and what’s not, nor do you need to seek validation. Eventually, that knowing and life will show you your truth.

When you first experience this type of union, existence seems a dream. You feel like you’ve returned to the magic you first felt in childhood when everything was new.

This feeling can last for some time—until something comes along to disturb it.

Life’s got this thing called reality, which is something that cannot fall under any description. Any description offered will itself be based upon this 'thing.' What I can say, though, is that this ‘thing’ sometimes rears an ugly head and reminds us that life can hurt.

Illness, the loss of a loved one, economic strife—some of life’s harshest realities—will put your dreamlike union to the test. It may bring you closer together or it could tear you very far apart...

(Excerpted from the upcoming Power of Twin Soul Love Book III.)

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