How many of us discovered our inner child through our spiritual quest or journey? 

I know I did. Over the years, slowly but surely, memories of times spent with my grandmother and the wisdom she shared with me from five to ten years old rose from my subconscious. Gradually, I remembered what it felt like to be me as a child again. Once more, I was enchanted by the magic found in the smallest things...And, I came to realize that, by remembering, something magical occurred; I birthed my inner child.

2019 will be the year of the inner child. In other words, we will feel reborn. It will be a year of creativity and love, where we will cultivate creative projects, explore sacred relationships at deeper levels, and experience the re-emergence of childhood hopes and joy.

This new year is one of reconnecting with our creative source. Harsh or uninspiring events may have caused us to suppress our passions and our talents. Most of us have (or had) wounding—tied to our inner child—which may have blocked our paths to our dreams. In 2019, many of these wounds will be healed and breakthroughs will occur, especially during the eclipse months of January, July, and December.

By loving and healing our inner child, we will empower ourselves further through focusing on the present...with a little help from the past.

Brightest blessings and much love for a Wonderful New Year!


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