As “The Year of the Sacred Self” comes to an end, 2018 leaves many of us feeling closer to our soul.

Consequently, we’ve embraced relationships and situations that make us strong, happy, and supported, and we have dropped those that had us feeling desperate, powerless, or inadequate. 

We have learned that we cannot control an outcome or the behaviour of an other. However, we’ve also learned that we can control how we choose to respond. Some of us turned abandonment or rejection to new beginnings, hope, and potential...

Realizing that our actions shape our lives by determining how we feel about ourselves allowed many of us to develop and maintain a self-dependent sense of power.

What did this mean for Twin Flames? 

It meant getting deeper, more compassionate, and more vulnerable. 

It also meant releasing everything that didn’t resonate with our inner wisdom. 

Personally, I found a deeper truth of who I am and practiced commitment and re-commitment to myself and my sacred partner as we both continued to evolve.

Whether we were in union with another or solely with ourselves, 2018 brought many of us, including myself, a deeper realization of truth. 

Some of us let go of the TF dogma. Phases, stages, and labels, felt imprissioning and old.

Collectively and individually, we saw, more and more, that truth is what it’s all about and that this truth is a personal sense of power that exists at the core of who we are.

Blessings and love, 


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