When navigating the twin flame path or any spiritual journey, it is natural to sometimes want to reach out to someone else for healing and/or help. But who are we reaching to? Is this person's energy compatible with ours? How do we even know? If we are not energetically balanced enough or able to access our inner wisdom and intuition, we can't (know)...

"Another aspect of a domineering inner masculine is the “know it all” or the “know it better”—the person whose mission is to act as a guru, guiding us and teaching.

The Guru takes the role of teacher to another level by showing and seeing the divine in all aspects of life. One does not have to be a religious leader to have this archetype. We can all learn and then lead others spiritually by developing our own inner guru through our spiritual insights. In its balanced state this inner feminine archetype has us sharing our wisdom with humility and grace. An individual whose inner guru is not over shadowed by a controlling masculine side would be subjective and open minded. Unbalanced, though, would of course have an opposite effect. A person, as we sometimes witness in online spiritual groups, could come across as closed off and objective, pushing, rather than sharing, their beliefs.

When a woman’s inner feminine is not in balance, she may have difficulty connecting to her inner guru. In turn, she could attract those whose inner gurus manipulate and make her feel psychoanalyzed and uncomfortable.

Lately, in addition to the internet groups, we’ve also heard a lot about impressionable women being manipulated by cults. Women seeking empowerment, unable to access their own inner resources, can unwittingly and unfortunately turn to individuals who are equally unbalanced—albeit in the opposite way." ~ excerpted from "Healing the Inner Feminine: Bringing Sacred Union to Life"

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mary dunlop