11:11:11 PORTAL—November 11th, 2018


With the 11:11:11 portal approaching, a sudden shift in our cosmic climate will see some of us breathing life into what might have seemed dead or lost.

We could find ourselves involved in clandestine meetings and, as a result, old feelings.

Running into estranged flames or friends will prompt certain feelings. Take heed. This is why we are seeing this person, or persons, again. Some painful stuff might have gone down between us and, now, we are being invited to face and understand good and bad memories through a wider lens of how they have impacted our life.

These unexpected meetings are clear signs from the Divine Source that can manifest themselves in some pretty unique ways. Perhaps, our meeting will be with someone with whom we share an unconscious longing to reconnect—someone is silently trying to find us—or we could again meet up with a person who often made us feel uncomfortable. Whichever case it is, we will be shown how much we have healed and grown as the inner workings of our soul show up in our outer physical world.

Blessings and love,

Mary <3

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mary dunlop