Dear Beloved Friends,

I am happy to announce that the digital version of our latest book, “Healing the Inner Feminine,” is now available on The Power of Twin Soul Love website and at all Amazon online stores. Paperback copies will hit all stores in December.

This has been a wonderful collaboration with two beautiful soul sister writers, Sonya Dee and Tejal Shukla.

As many of us know, the path to sacred union is difficult, because most of the time, what we experience in this journey is our inner energies roaring through our psyche.

“When the inner masculine and inner feminine begin to argue they are fueled by a matrix of suppressed feelings. Anger, resentment, envy, power, coldness, and fear—each is fed by the imbalances of the partners.”

Our outer relationships are almost always indicative of our inner energies. If the inner is not in harmony, the outer will follow suit and act as a perfect mirror. Knowing the variance of our inner energies brings us one step closer to making sacred union—a twin flame reunion—a reality in our three-dimensional life.

In "Healing the Inner Feminine," we share our experiences through a comprehensive guide designed to lead you to inner balance and, if wished, outer union.

When we are not in energetic balance, relationships, attractions, and interactions can be strained, estranged, frustrating, and confusing. We might never reveal or feel like our true selves, or whole, around other people. As a result, love—including the healthy love we should have for ourselves—can prove difficult to manifest fully.

The causes of inner feminine and inner masculine imbalances differ per individual. They can range from early childhood experiences to environmental factors to the stresses of adult daily life. It is reversible, though. Insight can come as quickly as an aha moment...

May our insights and journeys prove valuable to yours!

Blessings and love,

Mary, Sonya, and Tejal

mary dunlop