Self-awareness means knowing our personality, feelings, and desires. It means understanding our needs, our behaviors, and our relationship patterns. Putting it more generally, self-awareness means understanding our psychology.

The Twin Flame journey offers us opportunities designed to help us see how intricately our psychology connects with our soul. The more conscious we become of our emotional triggers and understand ourselves on a psychological level, the more our soul can expand.

Instances that injure us emotionally affect the way our soul is able to grow. Therefore, we learn from adversity, but the soul cannot expand, nor can it meet or merge in divine union, without inner and outer peace.

Self-awareness is a path within a path. It is a way for us to reach the levels of peace required for divine union to take place.

Through self-awareness, we come to understand what triggers our ego: what we have to work on or simply be aware of—and what insults our soul: what we need to walk away from, what is not twin flame related, and how to spot a false or pre-twin flame occurrance.

Developing self-awareness is a key tool in mastering our journey and, in turn, our life.

Blessings and love,


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