When our higher self takes the reins there is no more attachment to labels or unhealthy attachments of any kind.

Our higher self is our soul and the measure of its expansion.

The higher self is our all knowing part--the part of us that has every answer. It knows our twin flame and our soul mates, why certain people come into our lives, and what's required--what we need to learn--for us to reach our potential.

Our higher self speaks to us in moments of joy and instances of despair, and it carries us from this lifetime to the next. The higher self also knows a part of us will never change--despite the lifetimes we may live.

We meet our higher self in a moment's reprieve from chaos or bliss or any other time of inner peace. We hear its words, write them, and/or speak them when we are relaxed.

In the energy of our higher self we feel no judgement toward ourselves or others. We realize just how perfect we are in our natural state of imperfection.

The higher self is not a new term or concept or idea. It is who we really are and thus teaches our mind to align with that wisdom and authenticity.

The energy of our higher self allows us to play out what we need to, but in a way that always leads us in the right direction.

Blessings and love,


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