One of the greatest challenges we face in intimate, potentially intimate, familial, or other close relationships is the patterned emergence of the unhealed aspects of our inner child. When we feel ignored, unseen, or when we are not receiving the appreciation we think we deserve, these inner child facets come out demanding attention and inadvertently create separation.

If we become hurt or emotionally overwhelmed, the unhealed aspects of our inner child can cause us to act out much like we did in childhood: 

"People who are chronically overloaded with stress, life transitions, medical conditions, or chronic relationship conflict may rely on childhood strategies to get their needs met. For those adults who were not adequately nurtured or made to feel safe in childhood, their inner child can play out destructively throughout adulthood. Even without childhood trauma however, everyone has an inner child that needs to be kept in check." ~ Jill Weber, Ph.D.

Our inner child is the part of our psyche that remains from childhood and, like every child, it requires a parent—another part of our psyche—to nurture and help it feel secure.

Channeling our inner wise woman (or wise man) is calling on the parent to soothe the child. The wisdom of our inner parent is so innate; it knows not only how to soothe, but also how to heal the fragments of pain that sneak in and disrupt our relationships and our inner peace.

When our inner wise woman (or wise man) is channeled, she (or he) may speak to us in whispers. Initially, their messages might not be easy to hear; however, quieting our environment and then inviting them through:

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Spending time in nature, etc..

will slowly allow our inner child to hear them and safely heal.

When your inner wise woman (or wise man) offers you advice, you will feel an immediate wave of relief. She (or he) won't reprimand like an inner critic. Rather, your inner wisdom will help your inner child move comfortably into joy, bring peaceful union to your relationships, and offer you opportunities you never thought existed or never thought would return.

Blessings and love,


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