It is erroneous to think twin souls are reserved for a select few. Divine love knows no discrimination. True love is available to all of us. We just sometimes need a little preparation...

For some of us it is our confidence that lacks. Having real confidence in our natural appearance and finding a style that expresses who we are, no matter our age, is a first step that can go a long way. 

Also, defining ourselves, standing strong in our truth, behaving in ways that are in harmony with our soul, and not settling for less than what we know we deserve, are other areas we often need to work on. Sometimes we're afraid to speak up, and, depending on the circumstances, that can be wise. Other times, however, voicing our opinions and affirming what honors our soul sends out the right vibes and attracts the best results.

We also need to value our emotions and be comfortable in our feelings. Suppressing emotions is one of the biggest obstacles to true love. Never forget, what's blocked on the inner strongly affects the outer.

By now, probably most of us know the importance of sensuality when it comes to twin souls/twin flames. We've learned that we must first get to know and then embrace our sensuality if we wish to magnetize a true twin flame partner. Waiting for a partner to awaken us, or to help us discover who we are sensually, may not lead to an instant twin flame union. Self-discovery, though, eventually will.

Another thing to consider or to ask ourselves is this: "Are we letting our soul speak enough or loudly enough for our twin soul to find us? How are we expressing ourselves creatively? How are we contributing spiritually?

Remember, twin souls are vibrational. We find each other from the inside out. 

Blessings and love,


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