"Him that I love, I wish to be
Free — 
Even from me."
—Anne Morrow Lindbergh

To truly love we must practice detachment, which means that no matter how connected we might be to someone, he or she should always be free enough to make their own choices for their own reasons.

They should always be allowed to be themselves, and we must understand our inherent need to rescue or save (the other) and refrain from acting on it. Detaching from this impulse and other dependent or overly interdependent behavior makes us feel balanced and our partner more comfortable.

We should be able to give the other person the love, support, and space they need to be their true—authentic—self.

At the same time, processing our own feelings and not holding the other responsible for them, or ourselves responsible for the faltering of the other person, promotes healthy union.

At a certain point in our journey, we come to understand that true love entails two whole souls giving each other not just the love but also the freedom they will need to become the best version of themselves. 

Love is freedom; freedom is love.

Blessings and love,


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