Attracting and manifesting a sacred relationship requires sacred space. In other words, for such a union to occur, we need to be heading in the right inner direction.

It is difficult for something sacred—something peaceful, something pure—to enter our lives when we’re bogged down by other factors. Putting it more precisely, it is difficult for a sacred partner to find us when our light isn't shining brightly and our vibrations are low.

Preparing our inner room or inner temple sometimes requires as much decluttering as a messy apartment, except that, of course, the work involved in clearing up the inner is often more intense.

Clearing out our inner temple is removing:

false beliefs about ourselves,

self-limiting thoughts,

negative talk,

negative behavioral patterns,

situations, employment, friendships, and connections that don’t bring out our best.

This is not something that is done overnight, nor does our inner temple have to be completely clutter free for the right partner to join us. We do however need to put ourselves on track. For instance, if our job doesn’t feel right to our soul, we may not be able to quit it, but we can start to consider other options, or make subtle changes to our lives, that are more suited to our soul purpose. If we’ve not yet found that purpose, we can start there. We can begin, simply, by setting the intention through the following affirmation:

“My soul purpose is about who I am. It connects me with my Higher Self and Spirit. No matter where I am in my life or where I’ve been in the past, I am in the right place to know and follow my soul purpose.”

Just starting—even with a simple affirmation in any area of our life—helps us shine more light to our inner temple, to our sacred partner, and, in turn, to the world.

“If you truly wish to find your twin soul...Concentrate on the light, and your twin soul will come of their own accord, attracted by the light they see shining from you.” *

It's always about our light.

Blessings and love,


*Quote by O. M. Aivanhov 


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