Attempts to manifest a sacred relationship and union into your life before recognizing your own sacredness—your own inner goddess—can lead to interactions and behaviors that leave you feeling disheartened, sad, empty, or demeaned.

Every woman has an inner goddess. Call her an inner wild woman, an inner sage, a holder of authenticity and truth, your inner goddess is your strength, your sensuality, and your wisdom.

When your inner goddess begins to emerge, you might see an image of her in your nighttime dreams:

" dream was about a very beautiful woman. She was indeed quite beautiful, but not like most of the girls in the magazines. No, her beauty went deeper than that. Through the carefree energy of her movements and eyes that were full of spirit and life, her beauty expressed her soul and began to remind me of myself." ~ The Power of Twin Soul Love (Book I)

At the same time, you will begin to feel your beauty and wear it proudly. You'll own your sensuality, accept both your light and dark qualities, and shift from trying to fix yourself to being more of who you are. As a result, you will find yourself becoming more aware of relationships—how you affect other people—and slowly you'll be guided to books, people, and activities that will enrich your relationships and your spiritual knowledge. You will start to understand the interaction of earthly and heavenly components in your acquaintances, attractions, relationships, twin flame connection and, most of all, in your relationship with yourself.

Your gradual deepening wisdom—the gradual deepening of your feminine consciousness—will inspire you to keep learning and apply what you've learned to your daily life. In turn, your work or career path might change to something that allows you to consciously create and uncover your unique purpose.

As you continue to discover your divine power, you'll come to know your worthiness and worth, and will only accept partners, relationships, and opportunities that protect and honor your soul.

There are many ways to know your inner goddess...Sometimes, a fleeting feeling of inner beauty or a glimpse in a dream is all you need to begin.

Blessings and love,



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