Throughout history, women have been taught to suppress sensual energy. We've been told that it is "dark;" that this inner energy is not akin to cosmic energy; that it is a lower level energy; that it is not a path to the divine. As women, we have been conditioned to distrust the powerful energy rising from our deepest chamber. Yet, when we look within, we "see" an energetic world of wonder. From our chakra system to our sensual energy makeup, we find a mystical array of "light" and "dark."

As much as dark sensual energy does exist, so does light. 

"Dark" sensual energy is rooted in our inner masculine and is the primal aspect of our sensuality—our kinkier side, the part of us that wants to dominate and explore different roles. "Light" sensual energy forms the basis of our inner feminine. It is pure spiritual energy. Our "light" sensual energy is that part of us that wants to connect on a deeper level, nurture, and make love for hours.

All men and women have access to both, and in the relationship of both (inner feminine and inner masculine) we find the origins of our twin soul/twin flame/beloved. 

It is our sensual energy that fuels our need for what we've come to know as a "twin flame reunion." Quite often, one side of our sensuality dominates the other and shows up in/or as attractions, connections, and/or lovers in our lives—as well as in our day and nighttime dreams. Consequently, as our less dominant inner feminine or inner masculine slowly comes to consciousness, it propels us to awareness and tells us what we have to work on so that we may unblock, unlock, and balance our way to unification—to reunion—in whichever form we need.

Blessings and love,


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