"Self-Esteem" and "Ego"—terms that often come up in the twin flame journey—are two words that mean very different things. A healthy self-esteem is honoring your self-worth and your spirit—the essence of your authentic self—while Ego, the Greek word for "I" and "me," denotes a false or inflated self-image.

The two form part of the "light" and "dark" cosmos that exists in all of us. Self-esteem relates to our light energy makeup—our inner feminine—with the Divine Feminine archetype, Aphrodite, reinforcing the message of sacredness in our bodies. Ego then connects to our dark energy makeup—our "inner-masculine." In relationships, connections, and interactions, ego pushes people away; self-esteem attracts them.

By its nature, our spirit has enough self-esteem. Yet, for reasons that vary, access to it can get blocked.

"The same is true for love. Love doesn't go away; it just gets blocked." ~ Eve Eschner Hogan

Some of us, myself years ago included, completely underestimate the impact of self-esteem on who and what we attract. Eventually, though, as we come to understand the workings of spiritual energy, we realize that, without it, we cannot fully magnetize the experiences and people we desire. Without it, we do not emit the right vibes.

"Good self-esteem attracts someone capable not only of healthy interactions but of loving you for who you are." ~ Sabrina Alexis

If you are having difficulty in your journey—if you're feeling stuck—explore your self-esteem. Start with your self-talk. The way you regard yourself has a huge influence on your vibes. Is your self-talk loving and kind? If not, make this the starting point to strengthening your inner feminine.

As you slowly shift your energy which begins with your thoughts, be patient with yourself and, remember, your self-worth is not based on the fulfillment of any expectation. Your self is not what happened to you, nor should it derive from the way others see or accept you. Your self is your soul—precious, whole, unique. Sometimes, the only thing that needs to change is how you think about yourself. 

Unblock your access to your self-esteem, heal that aspect of your inner feminine, and you'll see—love will be there. 

Blessings and love,



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