When we know ourselves at the core and are in touch with our natural energy, we are also consciously aware of our sacred sensuality.

Our sacred sensuality, which is intricately entwined with our spirit, is the deepest level of our sensual make-up.

Feeling our sacred sensuality is embracing the wind. It's feeling comfortable with ourselves. It's feeling the natural, healthy, and divine, energy that runs through our veins. 

The first time we are touched by the most sacred part of our sensuality probably won't be with a lover. Most likely, it will be in stillness with ourselves.

To be aware of our sacred sensuality is to have a healthy perception of our self, our beauty, and our grace.

Exploring by ourselves and then with a partner sets the pace for a divine energetic flow that allows us to explore deeper levels of emotional and spiritual intimacy.

"Early on in our relationship, (we) discovered something priceless, which was sharing—in intimacy—our masculine and feminine sides." ~ Betsey's Retreat

Through this sacred energy, we let the essence of who we are guide us in our union with our sacred partner—and our sacred self. 

Blessings and love,



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mary dunlop