"Love propels us to accept, and when we do—when we begin to accept each other—we start to accept ourselves, our unloved parts, and all." ~ Betsey's Retreat.

If you're not feeling whole, fulfilled, or connected and find yourself searching for "that missing piece" in another person, the place to look is in yourself. When you find that piece and realize the blessedness of your prana, that you are not just a body, but a whole soul made of love and light —when you've awakened to your sacredness—you are ready to share in sacred union.

Sacred union is the ultimate collaboration where love is a constant and where you honor your partner and are able to feel honored and safe in return. It is a union that's available to all, but most of us have to work our way toward that sacred awakening.

Sharing in sacred union with a partner is sharing your infinite self-love, your freedom, and your wholeness.

In sacred union, your wholeness allows you to willingly accept your partner's unloved parts and holds space for him or her to be accepting of them, too. 

You are easily yourself with your sacred partner. In the security of spiritual intimacy, you communicate with each other openly, sharing things you've never told anyone before.

A sacred union is a merge—in a sense, it is a communion—with the other, but you don't absorb each other. Both partners maintain the uniqueness of their light. One does not rely on the other to function or feel whole; both support each other's individuality.

It is not something that is easy to attain and maintain in today's highly stressful world, nor is it what everybody looks for. However, for those of us who wish to share in sacred relationship and union, we can—provided we are willing to work on ourselves and cultivate the level of authenticity and love required to accept the other and whatever "unloved parts" remain in ourselves. 

Blessings and love,


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mary dunlop