"There is nothing more beautiful than feeling the essence of your spirit."

The essence of your spirit, also known as simply "your essence," is the authentic expression of who you are at the core and the part of you that connects with the wind, the earth, and the stars.

These days, I always feel my essence. I am continuously connected to it. But, early on in my journey, I only felt it during, or directly after, a good long run, a walk in the warm spring rain, or a meditation session—outdoors in nature—where I smelled the earth and felt a oneness with the wind.

The fact that I was able to sense my essence through these activities made them more and more attractive to me. As a result, I increased them and started to feel the beauty of my spirit in my skin.

It was not long after that—it was almost like divine clockwork—that my twin soul came along.

To varying degrees, everyone you meet will mirror your spirit, but your twin soul will reflect it most of all.

"Suddenly, looking into (his eyes) felt like my own soul staring back at me. At once, the whole thing became abundantly clear..." ~ Betsey's Retreat

Our twin souls are closer to us in energy than most other people; therefore, they have a similar essence that can be seen in the way they walk, talk, think, react, and feel.

They'll laugh the same way. They'll cry the same tears. They'll create in a similar style.

I often say that if you want to magnetize your twin soul, set the intention; then let it go and focus on your essence, because wherever they are—near of far—your essence will attract them.

"If you truly wish to find your twin soul, begin by not going looking for them. Concentrate on the light, and your twin soul will come of their own accord, attracted by the light they see shining from you. You may not know where your twin soul is, but they know where you are. Be content just to wait inwardly: they will come." ~ O. M. Aivanhov

Blessings and love,



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