Energy is the key to sacred relationships, which is why we often read or hear about twin flames thriving when their vibrations are high.

Our core energy is the high-vibrational magic that fuels our body and our mind. It is, in other words, our spirit—the expression of our soul—which attracts our sacred partner. 

We “sniff each other out,” in a way, and connect in mutual authenticity and empathy. Love attracts love, so if we are not in alignment with love we won't be in alignment with each other or in a position to come together.

One would think it would be natural for us to live from that place of authenticity.  And it would—if the trials and tribulations of life didn't exist.

Growing up, many of us lose awareness of our natural—core—energy; as a result, it fails to shine through in much of what we do. 

How often do you hear people say, "I was never like this. I have become negative and cynical..."?  How many times have we said this to ourselves?

It's never too late, though. It is never too late to return to the place from where we can reflect love naturally and allow for it to find us divinely.

The more positive energy we emit, the closer we come back to that place and begin to note a change. Slowly we see transformation in our existing relationships, as well as potential for new ones.

If you are not feeling positive right now and don't know how or where to start:

Think first about what "positive" means to you. What do you value the most in yourself? Identify these qualities, acknowledge them in yourself, and become conscious of projecting them out.

Then, feel and trust whatever level of positivity already exists inside of you and find yourself in that. Identify with this feeling.

Lastly, strengthen your intuition and learn to trust your feelings so that you won't find yourself involved in the wrong circumstance or with the "wrong" person that could potentially turn into a negative situation. If you feel nervous or awkward somewhere or if you're around someone who does not make you feel energized and safe; chances are that this circumstance or person is not the right vibrational match for you.

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Blessings and love,



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