When we embark on the twin flame journey, it is normally due to a mystifying pull—an unexplainable connection—that leaves us searching for answers.

We question our wholeness, become fascinated with the concept of divine connection, and google anything we can think of that might help us in our quest.

The search is tedious, though. Online information conflicts. Some resonates initially, but eventually all loses its steam and we begin to look within.

When we turn to our inner self for answers—when our inner self becomes our guide—we tap into the realms of the mystics.

Meditation replaces Google. A new world opens up and soon we realize that there is much more to the journey than a quick romantic union.

We are not just thinking anymore in terms of how we connect to our twin soul/twin flame; we are becoming students of energy.

What comes to the forefront for many of us is the connection between the physical and spiritual world—the form and formless—through which we begin to find the answers to the twin flame questions we had originally, fervently searched for online. During this process, a trust within us grows along with our intuitive perceptions that communicate with the universe and lead us to discovering more and more.

We come to realize that there will always be more and that there is always hope. Ultimately, we slow down. We are no longer in a hurry—for anything—because we understand, on a deeper level, that there is such a thing as a plan and that what is meant to be cannot be rushed.

We also understand that as much as there is such a thing as a meant-to-be, there is no such thing as spiritual hierarchies. We are the keepers of our codes. Consequently, we don't attempt to lead, nor do we follow. We just quietly remain in tune to the "God-spark" that exists inside of us.

Blessings and love,



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