The Celtic energies of Beltane are about to touch the powerful unification process of 2017.

Beltane is the second most sacred of Celtic festivals, honoring the union and eternal embrace of the God and Goddess. As folklore has it, the two divine energies are separated in the winter and then reunited at moon-rise on the eve of the first of May.

Beltane energies inspire union and divine balance: the union of the masculine and feminine.

At this particular energetic time—between April 30th and June 15th—the veil between our world and the spirit world is particularly thin, thus offering us clearer communication with our guides.

It is a time to meditate, it is a time to pray, it is a time to plant our metaphorical seeds into a magical new soil of possibilities...

Beltane is a time when everything begins to bloom again.

Blessings and love,


mary dunlop