"The story shares how important it is to be vulnerable in our partnership and truly experience the ultimate twin soul bond. This book is spiritual magic." (Review from

Betsey's Retreat picks up from the first book left off, with Betsey enthralled by the magical workings of spiritual energy.

She thinks about how souls are magnets for each other—that "no matter who or where we are, we pull to the other..." 

Inspired, she agrees to go on a meditation retreat with Mark, believing the experience will deepen her sixth sense—her psychic ability—and enable her to touch upon the "invisible world" more profoundly: 

"Our sixth sense offers us the ability to see the invisible and touch the intangible. Eventually, our sixth sense heightens our extrasensory perception, revealing another reality that makes our world beautiful and allows us to find what we seek. Developing it, though, takes time. The process is the same as strengthening a muscle. It needs practice—constant practice—which means lots of meditation."

Betsey's first meditation retreat promises to be a fulfilling spiritual weekend, but it quickly takes a turn when the atmosphere brings about unfortunate events and unsettling feelings that cause Betsey to doubt her future with Mark. As her "shadows" begin to re-emerge, Betsey starts to realize that twin soul love doesn't come without challenges. 

"“The shadow,” wrote Jung, in 1963, is “that hidden, repressed, for the most part inferior and guilt-laden personality whose ultimate ramifications reach back into the realm of our animal ancestors…” (cited in Diamond, p. 96).

Our shadows dance within us in dreams or fantasies and without us by showing up in feelings and behaviors we don’t understand. The soul is a wilderness unknown."

This book was written for lovers, mystics, and twin soulslike mewho were propelled to face their "shadows" in their journey back to love. 

Thank you for supporting me in my journey!

Blessings and love,


Betsey's Retreat: The Power of Twin Soul Love Book II is available for purchase at our bookstore and all Amazon online stores. 


mary dunlop