Yesterday, a fellow spiritual journeyer honored me by sharing her story with me and then requested that I offer this portion to you. I think it's something many of us can relate to:

"When I was younger I did everything I could to fit in, but for whatever reason I always felt like a voyeur—like I was on the outside constantly looking in. I didn't feel whole when around others. Perhaps that was why finding my soulmate/twin soul/twin flame became so important to me. Looking back on it now, I believe that subconsciously I thought another person—someone intricately connected to my soul—would provide me with the piece or pieces I was missing. As it turned out, I was wrong; or, at least, that wasn't what my soul had in mind.

"After finding the man I thought was my twin flame—someone who exhibited the classical signs and with whom I felt all the symptoms—I realized he was not the missing piece. We were similar in many ways. We had a lot in common. We even looked alike, but like "they" say, looks can be, and are often, deceiving. Behavior is what's most important in these instances—and behavior is what's most symptomatic. His behavior, sadly—parts of it—insulted my soul; it did not promote its growth. But...

"...he turned out to be an amazing catalyst. After the experience ran its painful course, I was not angry at love, nor did I think that soul bonds didn't exist for me or at all. Instead, I decided to connect more...and more...with the magic of my soul where I found that I was already whole; there were no missing pieces.

"I discovered my power and a faith in God—a deeper faith in God. God and I began to work together. More lessons were learned. Eventually, I realized that I was a co-creator. And...when the time was right—once I found my purpose and knew my soul well enough to understand that I was never less than whole—I was able to manifest a deeply loving twin soul relationship and union into my life..."

Blessings and love,


mary dunlop