So much of what we experience in our life is a reflection of what we are keeping in our consciousness. That's why people say, "the more consciously aware you are of your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, the more empowered and able you become to manifest the experiences you desire."

In the Twin Flame journey many get dis-empowered. They give their power away by becoming overwhelmed and then blocked-up by the energy of another through excessive thoughts that ultimately delay them in their path to reaching their wishes and potential.

It is only when we detach from consuming thoughts and work on regaining a sense of our power that we become effective co-creators in our journeys.

By opening our heart to our natural, core energy, we reclaim our identity and release the energetic blockages that stop us from living our dreams. 

The energy that goes out directs the energy that comes in.    

Blessings and love,


mary dunlop