The energetic dance can begin early on in a Twin Soul relationship. It is in fact a way of coming to the right balance between yourself and your Twin Soul partner.

Most of us know the drill. Someone outwardly expresses their affection for you one day and then the next day pulls away. When you are not yet familiar or too familiar with the workings of energy, this dynamic can cause feelings of confusion and frustration.

When you are familiar, though—with how this type of energy flows—"the dance" won't bother you.

Those of us who have arrived at a certain point of "knowing" realize that sometimes we have to take the lead, other times we must follow, and sometimes we have to detach and take our power back. In layman's terms, we must remove focus from our partner and refocus on ourselves. By doing so, we are not tempted to act in a way we could regret. What we are doing is keeping sight of our light, fleeing energetic constraint, and subtly letting our partner know that by switching the dynamic, we are balancing the energy between us.

Blessings and love,


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