Magic prevails—as long as we don't get stuck


If ever you have researched the Twin Flame connection online, you've likely encountered more than one article that began with this:

"When Twin Flames meet, they experience an instantalchemicalattraction, almost like Aphrodite herself created it per the old myth." 

Described in this quote is what many of us have encountered with our sacred partner and others throughout our lives. Classically called "the magical moment," it's an instance where sparks fly, our heart beats wildly or very calmly, and magic begins...

Or does it?

It does if we let it. Magic prevails, as long as we don't get stuck. If we consciously choose to remain in the present moment and in our own magical vibe—which is always independent of happenings, events, and people, including the one we perceive to be our Twin Flame partner—we clear the path to abundance. 

When I was a child, this was almost explained to me by my grandmother; then, years later, by a Greek mythologist (and energy worker) in the following words:

"For an alchemical attraction to take root, you must keep the pathway clear by remaining in the present moment...
"Do not allow yourself to relive an instance more than once in your head.
"Do not obsess over anyone or anything.
"Do not indulge in butterflies or a Kundalinique or Shaktique feeling.
"Do not step outside your vibe.
"Do not get energetically blocked up."

At the time, I was only just starting to learn about the workings of spiritual energy. I didn't yet know about polarities or how they react. I'd also not yet fully connected with my sacred partner who, ultimately, taught me the most.

I had taken meditation courses and had gone on a few retreats, which sent me on my way. But I only truly got a grasp on energy, and the vibration of my soul, when my husband told me to pay attention to the sensation running up my spine. It was almost as if a light bulb went off in my head. I began to feel my light, and I understood what the energy worker tried to teach me.

We are more powerful than we think. Through the energy and the vibrations generated by our soul, we create; however, the energy derived as a result of obsession or incessant thoughts causes us to hinder our soul's expression and potentially leads us to self-sabotage: to sabotaging our connections.

Why do people run? Why can't we get together? ...because an energetic attraction—even if pre-destined—cannot root three-dimensionally if we are not in alignment with our vibe. 

Staying in our soul vibration is remaining present as much as possible—at all times.

As soon as I feel myself drifting from, or indulging outside of, the present moment, I reconnect with my vibration in meditation. Automatically, my brain begins to calm itself into the moment. Journaling often accompanies this. Writing allows me to be more self-aware and helps me target subconscious thought patterns and emotions that make my mind slip outside the moment.

You can also try to bring yourself back into presence by paying attention to what you see, hear, taste, and smell. While you're doing this, touch your desk, table, or chair, whatever is handy or in front of you, and remind yourself of what you were doing before your mind drifted.

At the same time, you can concentrate on your breathing—counting as you breathe in and out. 

Another technique is what I described in "The Power of Twin Soul Love" (Book I) which is to focus on what you are feeling in your body. 

Lastly, this affirmation, by Thich Nhat Hanh, is really what it's all about:

“What you are looking for is already in you...You already are everything you are seeking.” 

Remembering, reciting, and truly acknowledging these words will help you to remain present—in your vibe—when you need to the most.

Blessings and love,


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