When I was young, I would sit with my grandmother for hours, outdoors, in the summers, listening to her with awe. She spoke to me about the things she thought were important, stories of the past, as well as what she had learned from her own grandmother about love and connection. She told me about people she knew—friends who fell in love with unlikely partners...

"You see," she said, more than once. "We are all energy first."

At the time, I was too young to understand about people and what made them attract. However, at a certain level, I comprehended her definition of the word "energy," and—somehow—I understood that it connected us.

Later on in life, long after my grandmother passed, I began to dabble in new age philosophies and participated in groups where the word "energy" was used differently. In those groups, you often heard "Your energy is your mood," which was quite different from what my grandmother had described.

My grandmother considered a person's energy to be their original signature: their state of being before the pressures and stresses of life took effect.

"What's your favorite memory?" she once asked me.

"Walking in the sunshine," I replied.

"And why is that your favorite?"

"Because I felt happy. I felt happy, loved, loving, and free. It's my first memory."

"That's what you are," she responded. "That's your energy. No matter what, forever, for always, that's what you will have the ability to be: happy, loved, loving, and free. Your original energy will always be accessible to you, because, ultimately, your original energy is who you are."

Most of what I learned in those new age classes and groups eventually fell by the wayside, but my grandmother's wisdom remained. Not that it was unique. Buddhist and Hindu teachings have long told us that everything is energydancing in formwhile the dance itself is an endless flow between the form and the formless...

In other words, everything is interconnected; and, as "energy beings," we can magnetize (into our lives) the things and people that are right for us. This is not exactly the same as the Law of Attraction where it seems one has to be specific. Rather, what I'm referring to simply entails that we know—and be—ourselves.

Over the years, this has made the concept of connection and attraction much easier for me to understand, because it indicates that connection and attraction, for the most part, is not something we can look for or control—not if we want it to be real.

Connection and attraction is an invisible—"behind the scenes"— process that happens when we allow it to flow freely by focusing on ourselves and who we are at the core.

When we remember and then become an expression of our soul signature—our original energy that most of us got to know in early childhood—we allow that energy to flow without being affected by the vibes around us.

The more we emit our soul signature—our unique expression, our spiritual DNA—the more we're prepared for what we desire to manifest itself at any time, because it won't surprise or scare us. We will understand it. It won't turn into a deliberation of whether or not it is what we had in mind. At the same time, we'll never think we're not good enough for it and risk rejecting it consciously or subconsciously out of some form of fear.

Blessings and love,



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